Teatro en inglés


The Little Shakespeare Show. Teatro divertido en inglés para toda la familia.


Lugar: Teatro Tribueñe. Calle Sancho Dávila, 31, Madrid (zona Ventas)
Fecha: 18 y 19 de junio de 2022
Precio: 10 euros. Entradas: entradium.com/es/organizers/the-madrid-players
Edad: a partir de 6 años.



The Madrid Players presents a one-hour show using two of Brendan P. Kelso’s adaptations of Shakespeare’s classics – Macbeth and Twelfth Night – aimed at all English speakers 7 years old and up. This hilarious production has twelve actors on stage in two different plays of 20 minutes each (with a 10-minute intermission in between) and manages to deliver the stories of the plays to children in a way they will understand perfectly, amidst colour, interaction with the actors and lots of laughter!

However, our Little Shakespeare Show is most definitely NOT just a kids' show! Any adult who has ever been confused watching or reading Shakespeare, or would like to understand the Bard's work more easily OR is just extremely fond of laughter and a good time, will have an absolute BLAST with this show!

Venue and performance information:

Teatro Tribueñe

Calle Sancho Dávila, 31, Madrid

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June

11:00 and 12:30

+ Info www.madridplayers.es/