Videoanimacion Space Oddity para toda la familia

Algún día vuestros hijos orian hablar de David Bowie. Así que no esperes más tiempo y comparte música con ellos. Una buena forma es este video realizado con ilustraciones de Andrew Kolb.


Andrew Kolb's "Space Book" animated to Bowie's classic song.

Animated by Andrew Ruttan
Thanks to Sam Seitz for his assist

Very special thanks to Andrew Kolb for drawing these delightful illustrations. I took them from his website, and hope he doesn't mind me spicing it up. A very talented artist! Check out more of his amazing work at

Also thanks to David Bowie for his fantastic musical career. 35+ years of inspiring people all over the world. if you don't own this song yet, check out:

I do not own the rights/ have permission to use this copywritten song. I also have no legal right to use Kolb's artwork, and he did not help me in any way besides drawing these for his personal use. I took his art and digitally cut it apart from the PDF on his website. That being said, This is a non-profit project

After seeing Kolb's "Space Book" on his site a month or so ago, I emailed him and asked if I could animate his art. I had just finished up a free-lance position, and didn't want my skills to get dull; being a Bowie fan all my life, his art really excited me.

So here you have it; My contribution to the Major Tom Phenomena. Thanks again to Andrew Kolb for the art.

Programs Used:
After Effects CS4, PhotoShop CS4, FCP7

UPDATE: Jan. 11, 2016 - Rest in Peace, David.

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